Is Charlie sold in stores? Ye Olde bricks & mortar?

Charlie Boy loves his smart devices, so he spends his entire life online. He is available to purchase exclusively on


Which Charlie product is right for me?

The 2in1 hair & body wash if you have hair & a body, and the face lotion if you have a face.


Does Charlie use natural ingredients?

He likes to keep things clean and natural where he can, i.e. no nasty fillers, chemicals or parabens. He does contain some man-made ingredients though because honestly, you need them (sunscreen, for example). Plants are f*cking awesome, but sunscreen doesn’t grow on trees.


I have allergies/sensitive skin. Can I use Charlie?

That depends on what you’re allergic to. You can check out the full list of ingredients here & here.


Where is he made?

Charlie is born & bred in ‘Straya, est 2017.


How do I store Charlie?

We recommend you store your 2in1 on your shower caddy and your face lotion next to your sink. Easy access and all that. Just keep him out of extreme temperatures (no bonfires in your bathroom please!).


Is it safe to put my credit card number into this mysterious website?

We will need to process your details in order to complete your purchase, but we don’t store this information and we will never share your personal info with anyone else. For our auto-replen legends, you can set and forget your Charlie orders as well as your personal info. Stripe is your pal – they’ll keep your details safe.


What’s your privacy policy?

No gatecrashers to this party. We are the first and you are the second. Third parties will never have access to any of your info.



Face Moisturiser SPF 30

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Shampoo / Body Wash

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The Big Package

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