Charlie wants to help you scrub up ASAP.



Standard: Charlie will walk at a leisurely pace to you. Expect his arrival in 3-4* business days.


Express: Charlie will pull on his flyest kicks and sprint the whole way. Expect his arrival in 1 business day in metro areas.



Standard: Charlie will fly across the ocean for you and aim to make it to you within 4-7* business days. Could we be more Pacific?



Standard: Charlie will fly the seven seas and cross the borders of the world, Christopher Columbus style, to arrive to you within 4-7* business days.

Customs and import charges may apply to international orders, depending on the value of your order and your destination. Check with your country’s customs for more info. Charlie would love to shout his mates, but these will be your responsibility.

*Sometimes things go awry with the postal system, because we are only human, after all. So forces out of our control may delay your order from time to time. Never fear, Charlie Boy will be here. Feel free to shoot us an email if things are taking a little longer than expected and we’ll get our Sherlock hats on.



Charlie is all about hygiene and health regulations, so you can’t just change your mind and give him back to us after you’ve cracked him open. (Yuck). Unless, of course, there is something faulty about him. Then please unload the issue on us at we’ll sort you out quick-smart!


Face Moisturiser SPF 30

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The Big Package

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